Narelle of Brisbane wrote:

"Patrick thank you so much for your support this weekend, to be totally honest if it was not for you and your magical kinesiology on Friday I would not have made it through the weekend. Those 5 mins were amazing… from blinding headache to pain free!! Thank you sooo much".

Lynn of Scarborough wrote:

"We met Patrick on the weekend at a Seminar and he talked to us about his work in kinesiology. I had kind of heard about it but didn't really know how it worked. I have had challenges with Sciatica for several years and it is incredibly painful and draining when it flares.

I had my first session (of 3 recommended) yesterday and although we did a lot of preparation work we didn't work directly on the sciatica yet and already the sharp pain has gone and the dull ache behind it is reduced. I also woke up with increased clarity and energy this morning and a friend told me I looked more relaxed last night than they had seen my in ages.

wait for my next session."

Lynn of Scarborough wrote:

"I had my second session yesterday and am a raving fan. When I was explaining it to my aunt I got her to say I love myself and her arm held strong and to say I hate myself and her arm just dropped. Patrick you've made more progress on my back in 4 days than years of other therapy. Can't thank you enough."

Lynn of Scarborough wrote:

"I have just had my third session with Patrick. I went for Sciatica which has been extremely painful for four years. I left today with no trace of it. To which anyone who has suffered with it is a miracle in its own right but I got so much more than I expected – just one of the things was that over the past year I put on over 10 kgs (with no obvious reason like diet or exercise change) and my stomach was swelling up like I was pregnant – that has almost completely disappeared in less than 2 weeks. A truly amazing result as an overall life and body overhaul. If you even just hope he can help with anything call him and ask – I was blown away as I have tried pretty much every other possible solution in the past, with only a fraction of the result.."

Lynn of Scarborough wrote:

"I've just been seeing Patrick Mounter at Caring Results Kinesiology and have seen the most unbelievable difference. Sciatica gone, dropped 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks from released bloating and water retention. I have been involved in so many different natural therapies and other therapies and was absolutely blown away by the impact of emotional release at this level."

Christine of Brisbane

As luck would have it, I had the good fortune of finding Patrick Mounter and Caring Results Kinesiology about 3.5 years ago. I have been to psychologists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, herbologists, reiki masters, osteopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists (to name a few!), and none could come close to the healing experience (in just a few sessions) that I have received from Patrick's work. Every day I am grateful for the blessings, and inspiration of having met Patrick, and even more so for the clarity of direction and purpose I have been graced with since that first chance encounter. Blessings Shifu 06/01/2014

David E. of Brisbane

A friend from Redcross sent David to my Clinic.He was on disability pension and aged 31 years.

Redcross was unable to place David in any menial work due to His outbursts of anger and poor concentration.
Redcross sent David to Anger Management for three months to no avail.

After the first session of Kinesiology, David sat up and his first words were “I am different”. It took three sessions of Kinesiology to re-align the Neuro-Reflex signalling in His body. Mother noticed an immediate change at home, the music from His room not so loud, didn’t stay shut in His room as much when at home and better interaction with Mothers boy-friend.

David now has permanent work at a supermarket and is able to support Himself. He has enrolled at a TAFE College for Literacy course to better himself in reading and writing. David is now planning to move out of His mother’s home into His own rented unit. The latest report is that a lady has come into David’s life and they are planning to marry.

Dan Mc K. of Perth

Dan suffered from chronic depression. His wife had left Him, so ended the marriage and His business went bust at the same time. He lost direction in life and started drinking in excess.

After 5 Kinesiology sessions, the depression has left, aches and pain in the body are gone and Dan is now able to concentrate better and complete the Arts Degree that He had enrolled for. Dan now feels life has a new beginning.

A lady has now come into Dan’s life and they now have lots of new adventure to share.

Hello Patrick,

Thank you so much for the work and time you gave to me. The work you do is unique and incredibly powerful, creating positive changes. Removing cellular memories from so many avenues is remarkable. I slept considerably well last night. There is still residual stuff here, so I shall observe and let you know when you come over.

You are a wonderful person who knows where he is going, and what is required of you. I look forward to catching up with you again when you come to Perth.

Take care Patrick. (MASTER)

May you be continually blessed in every way.


Since being back in Perth I am noticing changes, which are good. I feel lighter, and more like Karen. I am looking forward to you coming here, as I have mentioned to a few people already, about your work.

N.S. of Nedlands

“Mr N.S. of Nedlands, age 23 was suffering intense Social Agoraphobia, was very depressed and too shy to engage in normal social interactions with his peers, and in spite of his good looks was just too embarrassed to ask young ladies out for dates. After 4 Kinesiology sessions several breakthroughs in clearing emotional traumas had been completed. Over the next two months Mr N.S. began socializing with friends again and in a short time he had begun dating several girls who had shown interest in him but whom he had previously been too shy to date. He has also begun to re-look at his career and educational options after some 5 years of just dropping out.”

Andrew K

I had an accident at work in which my left foot was crushed (from the side) by a pallet transporter causing severe internal soft tissue damage, split webbing (requiring stitches) and a fractured second metatarsal bone. This left the foot in extreme pain. I left the emergency ward of the hospital with my foot stitched up and bandaged, antibiotics and pain killers. The next day Patrick went to work on my foot with The Point of Power Healing Program (POP). Within 24 hours I had reduced the need of pain killers by half and within 48 hours I was off them completely. I cannot say that the pain was totally gone but I would say that the foot felt discomforted due to the nature of the injury and the pain (what little there was) was quite bearable.

And the story does not end there.

I went back to the hospital after tens days and my foot was put into a cast for 6 weeks. At the end of this period the fracture had healed and the plaster cast removed (on Monday). So, now its time to start walking again. My foot was still swollen and very stiff. Patrick starts work immediately on the foot using POP. Each day he works on it and each day there is improvement. So much so that by the next Monday I am able to walk with small steps without the aid of the crutches that I had been using since day one. And it is on this day that I am writing this testimonial.

This incredibly powerful healing tool has been invaluable to the speed of recovery of my injured foot.

I am very grateful to Patrick and his mastery of this Point of Power healing program.

Patrick Cleary

Hi Patrick,

This letter is written to thank you for your care and treatment earlier this year. I was the patient who was travelling on to Africa to work with the “Cheetahs”. You treated my sore left Hip and Groin, the pain from this area over a 9 year period almost stopped me from even walking.

Since visiting with you, I worked and hiked over many parts of the Namoid Desert. Also I walked and played over 30 rounds of golf over some of the best courses in Ireland and Scotland, I have even got my handicap down to 8.

You related the pain to the death of my wife in 1988, I still get a slight pain in my left hip but nothing like before.

I will always be grateful for your help, you have helped me enjoy life again.

Thank you,
Patrick Cleary

Gary S

I am particularly impressed with Patrick’s particular method of kiniesiology. I have seen results obtained on both myself and others in an amazingly short space of time. In one instance I had been sick with flu like symptoms for several days and went to bed generally feeling lousy. In the morning when I awoke, my first thoughts were what a restful night I had, had in comparison to the previous one. I was also enjoying a renewed sense of well being. I later found out that Patrick had worked on me from a distance that night with surprisingly good effect. Not only that, the cause he identified for my not being well was particularly useful information in business decisions I was required to make that week.

I would happily recommend that anyone go and see Patrick on any number of issues they have got going on in their life from back pain to depression. Indeed he incorporates physical, spiritual and emotional issues into his healing work with great effect.”

Neena L.

Hi Patrick.

It was great. On Sunday I was able to insert Laura's nasal feed tube first go without her crying, choking and trying to cough it up! Usually it is extremely stressful for her.

However, I had a high blood pressure, head aches and leg and arm tingles during early Sunday AM. It is settling down now, you said it was a huge energy shift.


Glenda C.

Approximately 3 yearsage I fell on stairs, and in an attempt to stop my fall I grabbed onto the rail which led eventually to two frozen shoulders. In pursuit for relief from pain I went to physios, chiropractic, accupuncture, massage and Doctor for injections. With the right shoulder gaining some relief I was still in pain with the left shoulder with restriction of movement and pain, difficulty in movement in bed and regular neck ‘pain and headaches. With the use of Patrick`s abilities and techniques, every thing is now back to normal after just 3 consultations.
I feel that Patrick has given me guidance in respect to other health matters, leading me to research other alternate paths through the library and the standard medical avenues.

Working within the medical profession myself I am only too aware of the benefits and healing of standard medical practices but believe that there is a lot of knowledge that is covered by such alternate practices as Kinesiology that can obviously be of great benefit as it was in my case.