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Effects Of Misaligned TemporoMandibular Joint

With much discourse about the extent to which the Temporomandibular Joint, located at the base of the skull, affects our overall health; significant strides have been made in assessing its overall function. So how much do you know about the function of the TMJ or Jaw Joint? Firstly, its plays a key role in activities such as speaking. Secondly, believe it or not, it is involved in the way in which we experience pain and emotional stress among others. Also, an individual may experience clicking jaw, face pain and tinnitus if there is any injury to the jaw. The importance of the Temporomandibular Joint is also compounded by the fact that it uses up to 80% of our brain function! 

Researching The TemporoMandibular Joint

While the debate as to how far reaching the jaw can impact upon our health rages on; Dr. Ferreri in his research has allowed for a greater understanding of a range of diverse conditions such as bed wetting, uterine and prostate problems, bladder incontinence, respiratory and circulatory problems originating from diaphragmatic insufficiency, a myriad of back problems including scoliosis and several other health issues through ascertaining their causes and possible treatment options. As his research progressed, it was found that the sequence of activities involved in feeding such as taking food in the mouth, biting, chewing thoroughly and then swallowing, all relates specifically to the neurological control of the digestive mechanism sequencing tied into the Temporomandibular Joint functioning.

TemporoMandibular Joint Digestive Glands

The digestive sequencing begins once the mouth is opened to receive food which causes the activation of the digestive glands. Next, the valves of the digestive tract will contract when one begins to bite down on the food. The digestive tract is then divided into three chambers which are sealed to process the food. As such, it is evident that it is of the utmost importance that the muscles of the jaw are functioning optimally.

It is important to note that a close relationship was uncovered between the jaw and the sacrum, which contributes to pain in the lower back, and is also associated with conditions such as Dyslexia and Scoliosis.

Idiopathic Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition wherein the spine of an individual is curved or bended, however, N.O.T practitioners do not see this as a result of an issue with the spine itself, but is a symptom of an underlying problem which goes undiagnosed. The cause for the curvature of the spine or Scoliosis is in fact the presence of muscles which are too-tight or Hypertonic and that are constantly pulling on the bone structure. This inevitably, overtime, causes a rotation and bending of the spine. It is also generally understood that major causes for the occurrence of any of these events can be attributed to a sustained injury to certain reflexes on the head and the pelvis (front and back), in addition to certain hormonal changes that takes place during the course of puberty. This can be easily corrected by N.O.T!!!!

Dyslexia and N.O.T

Specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia and A.D.D have been impacting the learning process of children in schools. These disabilities will also affect adults in carrying out their functions and behavioural patterns causing issues for law enforcement personnel and in many cases home abuse. This, however, can be corrected by using the techniques that are contained within the N.O.T programme which will provide answers to much questions and relief for parents and teachers alike. This is so as the eyes, ears and Temporomandibular Joint are evaluated and then reactivated to work in an organised manner, so that the individual (child or adult) will begin to process information being received in a more meaningful way.

These learning difficulties often entail eye tracking problems and difficulty processing auditory stimuli. Both these symptoms adversely affect the child’s ability to focus their attention on what is being said and displayed for an extended period. It was discovered that the root cause of these issues is the existence of a disorganised nervous system, which may have stemmed from a head injury from an accident that has gone undetected or that some head jamming occurred at birth. Emotional problems and food allergies may also be present which can be attended to by using Kinesiology.

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