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Concussion And Neural Disorganization

Concussion Causes Neural Disorganization Plus Related Conditions

A short summery of concussion affects:

Concussion and Cranial Reflexes: There are 9 major cranial reflexes that support cranial bones, brain function and neurology. A major communication junction between right and left hemisphere of the brain is the corpus colosseum. Concussion can and often times impede the transference of brain signal information between these hemispheres. Concussion disrupts and disorganizes neurology full stop.

Concussion and Gait Reflexes: Gait Neuro Reflexes assist the body to move through time and space. These Gait Neuro Reflexes assist in a smooth stride when walking or running. When in sync there is a rhythmic swing and coordination of opposite arms and legs. The Gait Neuro Reflexes do more than this; they assist in the smooth running of all neurological systems of the body including the Immune, Cardiac and Endocrine systems.

Concussion and Lower Back Pain: There are nine different types of back pain I am aware of. With a fall especially from a moving object (horse riding or running e.g.) the person is in what is known as fight/flight. This is a natural survival system to sustain and maintain life. Because of how the muscle system operates throughout the body a twist/rotation occurs to the lumbar spine (L3) when attempting to protect one’s self in a fall. End result lower backache.

Concussion and Reactive Muscle System: The body and muscles operate and function with movement through a Reactive Muscle System. When there is a jamming of cranial bones, this affects the Gait Reflexes. If just one muscle goes into spasm that upsets the whole chain of muscles in that particular system!

Concussion and Sciatica: Sciatica is related to a twisted pelvic bone. There is a particular muscle in this area that squeezes the Sciatica Nerve leaving the person sometimes in severe pain all the way down the leg side carrying the pain. This is very noticeable as the person will demonstrate a limp to the side of pain when walking. The opposite Temporal Bone of the skull is the culprit, something overlooked by many health carers. This Temporal Bone becomes locked up in a backward direction jamming at the Condylar Squamosal Mastoidal Pivot Point where three bones of the skull come together.

Concussion and Immune compromise: Concussion disrupts the Limbic Brain. The Limbic Brain is associated with the five senses; sound, touch, sight, taste and smell. This Limbic Brain is in direct communication with the Immune System. The Immune System is about Digestion, cellular growth and cellular repair plus other important processes. Concussion affects the Limbic Brain directly which then impedes Immune System functionality. Resulting in poor digestion and in some cases poor elimination! Food intolerance and allergies and other digestive disorders are often the result.

Concussion and Cardiac Stress: As there is a back pain directly related to the Cardiac System Neurology, this is important to have this attended to as soon as possible. Unattended this could lead to cardiac complications later on down the track of time.

Concussion and Hormonal Stress: When concussion occurs to anyone the Endocrine System is put out of sync. Because the body and muscles are holding tension, this is an indication the fight/flight neurology is increasing adrenal activity and it stays this way until the adrenals are reset back to homeostasis. Consequently all hormones become out of balance, can also set off anxiety triggers.

Concussion and Scoliosis: Scoliosis is depicted as a twisted or curved spine. However the spine is not the cause of the problem, it is the result of a disorganized nervous system. When a concussion occurs the GAIT Neuro Reflex System cannot signal properly and a particular muscle on one side of the spine does not return back to homeostasis in its resting cycle. This affects the top to bottom and front to back reactive muscle system. If not addressed properly, the spinal column will grow into a twisted and S shape over time. This will cause chronic back pain, Neck tension, shoulder pain, headaches/migraine, dis-orientation, poor coordination, sometimes depression, brain fog and the list is endless as mentioned in the other article by Dr Carl Ferreri.

Concussion and Muscle Tension: Because of the effects of concussion and the disorientation of the Cranial Bone Neuro Reflexes, the muscles of the body go into what is called a Hypertonic State. This affects the Spindle Cells and Proprioceptor cells in the belly of muscles. They are ment to send signal back and forth to the brain through biofeedback via the nervous system.

Hypertonic Muscles are indicated by:

  • Pain in the muscle
  • Weakness – due to ‘muscle proprioceptors’ being in a confused state
  • Restricted range of movement or motion

The other part of the puzzle is the ‘spindle cells’ located in the belly of the muscles. These ‘spindle cells’ monitor and regulate:

  • The rate of change in distance (length) of the muscle and;
  • The time that change takes to occur

Concussion, traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to seizures and epilepsy. Head trauma and lack of proper correction of the cranial reflexes is one of the most commonly identified reasons that patients develop epilepsy. Most studies suggest that approximately 6% of patients with epilepsy have Traumatic Brain Injury as the cause. The more severe the head trauma, and lack of proper physical correction of the cranial and gait reflexes the higher the risk of developing epilepsy at a later stage. Concussion is a physical injury to the head and requires a physical type correction.

As you can see concussion is just a little bit more than a knock to the head. It affects the whole body and the nervous system that operates within the body. The nervous system is basically the electrical circuits to many systems to assist the body/brain/mind in its functioning and be aware of being ‘here now’ utilizing the left hemisphere of the brain for logic and reasoning and the right hemisphere for creativity, enjoyment of life and 100+ other things.

Lower Back Pain Relief Support Brisbane Northside

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  1. A Jamming between the Sacrum Bone and Occiput Bone constricts Crebral Spinal Flow.
  2. A fixaction between Sacrum 2 & 3 results in distortion of Cervical Vertebrae Bones of the upper neck 2 & 3 both right side and left side of the spine.
  3. When the immune system is under stress, there are several fixactions along the spine.
  4. The Fight /Flight neurology when that is compromised leaves chronic lower back pain especially in the Lumber 3 reigion.
  5. If you are experiencing Sciatica pain in the hip area, this indicate a piriformis muscle entrapment and twisted hips.
  6. With certain types of cardiac type stress there is fixactions of certain vertebrae along the spine.
  7. Scoliosis can show on most people however not all people experience chronic scoliosis pain. Scoliosis can be experienced on both left side of the body and the right side of the body. Scoliosis is not caused by spinal misalignment. Scoliosis is a neuro- muscular condition that twist the spine. The crooked spine is the result.
  8. There are some TMJ ( Temporomandibular joint) dysfunction that can contribute lower back pain.
  9. What causes all these systems to malfunction is the GAIT REFLEXES. Some therapy systems know about the Gait Reflexes yet know little about how to correct them. Next time ask your practitioner to test your gait reflexes. If you get a tap on the knee with a little rubber tip hammer, this is an indication they know nothing about re-setting the Gait Reflexes.

Sciatica Pain Entrapment

Lower Bacl Pain Brisbane Northside At Caring Results, center, we release long term lower back pain causes. Best treatment chronic lower back pain is given here, leaving you feel good and flexible again. When there is back pain at night and chronic lower back pain after sleep, this indicates the need for special attention as the sciatica nerve may have entrapment. Sciatica pain can be very debilitating however great results are obtained with resetting the neuro reflexes. A little known technique aligns your pelvic bones with you temporal bones. If you have had many repeated corrections for sciatica pain and hip pain and still have a problem, them this special treatment is certainly worth a go.

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