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Brisbane Migraine Headaches Solution Sandgate

Experiencing constant migraine headaches

Migraines cause many and varied symptoms. However there are a few symptoms you may be carrying that is creating your migraine. I have given many a talk about stress, tension and the neurological pathways that become disorganised throughout the body.

Migraine Headaches and Neurological Pathways 

These neurological pathways are your neuro reflexes that govern your body in time and space. These are neuro reflexes become disorganised due to stress. It doesn’t matter what particular name you give to the stress you are experiencing. It is your body’s way of giving you a message. However in our modern world you may ignore the message and reach for the pill, quick fix, only to find another migraine or headache is just around the corner. I mentioned earlier I give talks about a special kind of stress release work I have been doing for the past 27 years. It is called N.O.T. Neural Organisation Therapy.

If there were 20 or so people at the talk, the first thing I wanted to know, was how many people present were experiencing a migraine or headache. I invited these people to come forward for I have a simple process for releasing migraines immediately. I would ask each person that came forward to rate the migraine on a scale of 1 to 10, and 10 being the worst. My technique takes about 10 seconds to apply and by the time I have completed doing it there migraine has gone. I do this to get everyone’s attention to listen and hear the information I wanted to share. I do tell the ones I do this process to that it is a first aid and that it is an indicator that there are other neuro reflexes that need to be stabilized. This stabilizes muscular and structural integrity throughout the skeletal muscle of the body.   After using this technique on hundreds of people I am convinced most migraine and headaches are mainly structure related. I am aware of other types of migraine headaches. You see I just do a quick release to the neck and jaw muscles plus the temporal muscle and immediately the migraine is gone. So what do I mean by migraines and headaches being structure related.

Migraine Headaches and Neuro Reflexes

Migraine Headaches womanThe primary neuro reflexes for structure are the gate reflexes located on the head, front and back. The other four neuro reflexes are located on the body pelvis front and back. These eight neuro reflexes when working in coordination facilitate and de-facilitate your skeletal muscles when moving through time and space (switch on/ switch off). When these Gait reflexes go out of sync the neuro signals to the skeletal muscles are disrupted and so muscle tension and muscle stiffness becomes apparent, some muscles are partially switched on all the time. There are 10 cranial reflexes that operate the weight of your head to keep the head stable at all times, with eyes open, eyes closed, in the light, in the dark. You also need to turn your head left and right, head forward and head backwards as well as tilting to the side. When these head neuro reflexes are not stable then many a problem can and often do occur including migraine headaches, the muscles supporting the head and neck in an upright position are under strain and become hypertonic, in other words over tight. Most skeletal muscles in the body will be in tension when a migraine or headache is present.

Migraine Headaches and Concussion

Concussion or a bump to the head even many years prior may be the cause to migraine and headaches now. Whiplash is also a major contributor to migraine, the neuro reflexes require a reset. The most severe structural condition that contributes to migraine and headaches is scoliosis that is curvature of the spine. I mentioned the gate reflexes earlier. When the Labyrinthine reflex, just behind each ear becomes neural deficient, scoliosis will immediately develop because due to the reactive muscle system used to propel the body forward in time and space. Scoliosis is easy to identify you don’t need x-rays.

Migraine Headaches and Scoliosis

Migraine Headaches manJust stand in front of the mirror, close your eyes, let your arms hang loose and open your eyes. Should you observe one shoulder higher than the other, then the high shoulder side is indicating scoliosis to that side. This may show also as a migraine on that side of your cranium. If your shoulders are rounded and your chin is protruding forward this can often indicate a scoliosis on both sides of the body also indicating tight neck and shoulder muscles. This can result in a migraine on both sides of the skull or migraine on one side switching to the other. So taking painkillers is not always the solution for migraine and headaches. As I said earlier the migraine headache is the messenger, are you interpreting the message? Scoliosis is not a spinal problem it is the result. Scoliosis is neuromuscular first and foremost due to the Gait reflex not functioning. The condition scoliosis can be reversed. There is no guessing with this process, you have it or you don’t. I use a unique biofeedback that tells both you and I where we are at with the treatment protocols. I understand what you may be going through when suffering from a migraine – and I have the answers that you are looking for that can provide migraine solutions. For a personalised migraine assessment and treatment, please ring on 38691918 or 0412 836 844 today. (Brisbane area Qld) To view Migraine Statistics Information click here


Childhood And Adult Onset Scoliosis

Childhood And Adult Onset Scoliosis manifests with the continuous steady and unbalanced pull of back muscles causing the bones of the Thoracic Spine to become misaligned, eventually becoming deformed and the curvature of the spine which is characteristic of this condition manifests.

Gait and the special intact reflexes plays a vital role in the functioning of the muscles of the body and so, if they were in any way compromised, then incorrect neuro signals would be sent to the muscles, resulting in the unbalanced muscles pulling on the spinal structures to which they are attached when they should not be. That is poor neurological Gait signalling to the skeletal muscles.


Strong evidence suggests that the presence of Onset Scoliosis can impact a patient in various ways. Yes, there is the obvious physical element to the illness where the person – some more than others – will have a disfigured appearance. However, more notably as published in SPINE Magazine scoliotics have a high incidence of learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Additionally, individuals with the condition will have a high incidence of migraine headaches, or feel hazy in the head which also may contribute towards the dyslexic condition. It is noted that a high left shoulder caused by scoliosis is a contributing factor to poor academic skills and that those with a high right shoulder exhibits poor social and emotional skills. Athletes with the condition are also affected as the reflex systems are not centered and so, they will have a high incidence of pulled hamstring and neck pain to the high shoulder side of the body and in most cases some form of back pain all associated to a malfunctioning Gait Reflex neurallogically.

Diagnosing and Treating Onset Scoliosis

As is now evident that Scoliosis Treatment has to go beyond the physical structure of the spine, as the condition is actually a side effect of a series of reflex mechanisms which ought to be functioning in a way to maintain balance within the body but is malfunctioning. This is clarified as NOT practitioners make the differentiation between the condition of onset scoliosis, which has nothing to do with the spine itself and the scoliotic spine which occurs as a result of unbalanced neurological gait reflexes which manifests as onset scoliosis. Thus, NOT Practitioners focuses on correcting the imbalance of the Gait Disorders reflexes first and then the reactive muscle system which is caused by the disturbed Reflex Mechanism to the reactive muscle system in treating the condition of scoliosis. This means taking a holistic approach to correct or balance all the reflex systems such as the Anterior and Posterior Cloacal, the Labyrinthine, the Ocular Cantering Righting Reflex Systems, which make up the Gait Reflex System followed by the Reactive Muscle System. Therefore, if balance is not sought, then any other methods employed to merely correct the curvature of the scoliotic spine will not be ample, if at all beneficial in correcting the condition of childhood or Early Onset Scoliosis and adult or Late-Onset Scoliosis.

Testing For Onset Scoliosis

By employing the methodology in NOT, testing for Scoliosis Causes becomes somewhat simpler. Instead of exposing young children and particularly, those in their reproductive development to bout of x-rays in diagnosing onset scoliosis, utilising measuring devices and a simple height test before and after treatment to see results should suffice. Further, a trained Kinesiologist in Neural Organization Therapy (N.O.T.) is able to look at the posture of the body and ascertain which muscles are involved and knows how to effectively deal with them. Regardless of the age of the patient or how far the condition has progressed this will alleviate the pressure on the spine, stop the progression of the curvature and pains associated with the condition and also, allowing the nervous system to function normally once the Gait Reflexes are stabilized. Once the strain or pull is removed from the spine, there will be a spontaneous straightening of the spine to some degree and so the patient will become somewhat taller.

Growing Pains sign of Onset Scoliosis

It has been reported that after a single treatment some severe cases (patients) realized a 4 inch increase in their height, and so, if done properly scoliosis can quickly be corrected and with monitoring suggested for children through the glandular development stage and the growth period, even though there is rarely a reoccurrence. Adults should be monitored if they have had some type of trauma since correction as this may affect the nervous system yet again. You have heard of children going through adolescence as having growing pains. This is rubbish! When a child is said to be having or experiencing growing pains, it actually is Onset Scoliosis Pain as well as improper gait signalling via the nervous system and needs to be corrected immediately by a competent NOT Kinesiologist.

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