Strapping Up A Groin Injury

Strapping up a groin injury is not the way to fix groin muscle pain. You see using this method is not a correction; it is a temporary management fix. If the therapist knew how to correct groin strain properly, it would be done in a few minutes. It may take a few days for the inflammation to settle down yet the groin pain can be relieved almost immediately. There are exceptions especially when there is a groin muscle tear.

Why am I saying this, on each side of the pubic bone there is a major neuro reflex called the ‘anterior cloacal reflex’. Four major meridians pass through and around the area of the groin reflexes. On the bum bone is where the ‘posterior cloacal reflex’ is located both sides and is an integral part of the groin reflexes. There is a major meridian passing through this neuro reflex also.

Groin reflexes and the reactive muscle system

There are also neuro reflexes on the skull, one over the eye on the eyebrow both sides known as the ocular righting/centering reflex, these also have meridians locations at hand. There is another neuro reflex behind the ear just below the bony bump known as the labyrinthine centering/righting reflex, again there are several meridians that support this neuro reflex system. This is a full on neurological reflex system known as the ‘gait reflex system’ that support the groin reflexes.

They are essential to the body for its ability to balance, stand, walk, run, jump, twist, turn, catch and do all the necessary movements for basic survival, of which are used in sport. They must, therefore, be responsible for the integrity of the reactive muscle system.

Groin injury rehab and correction

The tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ or jaw joint) plays a major roll here and is most essential in the stability and reactive muscle system of the whole moving body. As the muscles of the TMJ play a major roll in the fight and flight neuro reflex system, this covers all muscle groups involved in going into battle (contact sport) and flight or defending your position again contact sport. So when you develop a groin strain suddenly or over a period of time, or suffering groin injury long term, there is more involved than just doing groin injury rehab.

Groin injury treatment recovery

The best groin injury prevention is to first find and use a kinesiology therapist that has knowledge in the procedure of HYPERTONIC MUSCLE RELEASE. This is a gentle procedure that can actually lengthen the muscle fibres in the groin reflex area. It uses a specialised breathing procedure in conjunction with muscle contraction and release. There is a timing involved between the muscle contractions and muscle release and breath. This method allows the individual muscle fibres to lengthen. The proprioceptors (nerve massagers to the CNS) in the belly of the muscle and fibres are now given an opportunity reset with the brain signal. These proprioceptors (nerve massagers) became bunched up due to previous groin injury or groin strain restricting their range of movement and their job is to govern range of muscle movement safely as in the case of leg movement.
The ‘power of kinesiology’ identifies the particular muscle and muscle group weaknesses quickly. By doing HYPERTONIC MUSCLE RELEASE to the groin area muscles and the blocked meridian energy is able to flow freely again establishing a healing energy flow. Some people experience a warm energy feeling where the groin injury pain use to be.

Suffering groin injury ends with N.O.T. Protocols

A much deeper correction can be had by the use of N.O.T. Neural Organization Therapy. This protocol goes directly to the neuro reflexes themselves again using the ‘power of kinesiology’. People come to the clinic with a particular problem and the N.O.T. protocols ends up correcting twenty or thirty other issues they forgot to mention.

That is the nature of N.O.T. working directly with the nervous system and the body’s innate intelligence. The ‘gait reflexes’ are part of the correction protocols of N.O.T. and are a more permanent type correction, so for people suffering groin injury, this condition is cleared early in the piece as the N.O.T. practitioner delves deeper into the ‘neuro reflex systems’ to locate and clear the actual cause which in many cases groin injury is the result of something else.