Lower Back Pain Relief Support Brisbane Northside

Lower back pain relief support Brisbane Northside for chronic back pain solutions.

Lower Back Pain Relief Specialist

This chronic lower back pain expert deals with all the nine types of back pain including sciatica pain. Most back pain suffers think there is only one type of back pain and that is where it hurts. It would be nice to think so!

  1. A Jamming between the Sacrum Bone and Occiput Bone constricts Crebral Spinal Flow.
  2. A fixaction between Sacrum 2 & 3 results in distortion of Cervical Vertebrae Bones of the upper neck 2 & 3 both right side and left side of the spine.
  3. When the immune system is under stress, there are several fixactions along the spine.
  4. The Fight /Flight neurology when that is compromised leaves chronic lower back pain especially in the Lumber 3 reigion.
  5. If you are experiencing Sciatica pain in the hip area, this indicate a piriformis muscle entrapment and twisted hips.
  6. With certain types of cardiac type stress there is fixactions of certain vertebrae along the spine.
  7. Scoliosis can show on most people however not all people experience chronic scoliosis pain. Scoliosis can be experienced on both left side of the body and the right side of the body. Scoliosis is not caused by spinal misalignment. Scoliosis is a neuro- muscular condition that twist the spine. The crooked spine is the result.
  8. There are some TMJ ( Temporomandibular joint) dysfunction that can contribute lower back pain.
  9. What causes all these systems to malfunction is the GAIT REFLEXES. Some therapy systems know about the Gait Reflexes yet know little about how to correct them. Next time ask your practitioner to test your gait reflexes. If you get a tap on the knee with a little rubber tip hammer, this is an indication they know nothing about re-setting the Gait Reflexes.

Sciatica Pain Entrapment

Lower Bacl Pain Brisbane Northside At Caring Results, center, we release long term lower back pain causes. Best treatment chronic lower back pain is given here, leaving you feel good and flexible again. When there is back pain at night and chronic lower back pain after sleep, this indicates the need for special attention as the sciatica nerve may have entrapment. Sciatica pain can be very debilitating however great results are obtained with resetting the neuro reflexes. A little known technique aligns your pelvic bones with you temporal bones. If you have had many repeated corrections for sciatica pain and hip pain and still have a problem, them this special treatment is certainly worth a go.

Chronic Back Pain Solutions

Our aim is to get you well quickly in the shortest time possible so you can get your life back again doing what you love. Hi my name is Patrick Mounter, therapist and I re set your dis-organized neuro reflexes.

Lower Backpain Treatment BrisbaneAfter the Neuro Reflex re-set you will gain better posture. You will have greater muscular function and muscular flexibility. You will feel your very best again. And best of all no back pain.

Make an appointment NOW, 0412 836 844. Don't delay!

Patrick has been a Professional Neuro Reflex Reset expert since 1990 and worked with many hundreds of women and men giving Lower back pain treatment.

Best treatment chronic lower back pain is given here, leaving you feel good and flexible again.  Are you waring a  back pain relief support belt? Well you can throw away, you won't need it anymore.

Come and see this lower back pain relief support  Specialist, Brisbane Northside for chronic back pain solutions? 0412 836 844. Don't delay!



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