Healing Energy For 21st century

When you have been everywhere to all the conventional places for medical help and haven't received the results you have required, it's time to turn your attention towards kinesiology.

Kinesiology is a tool that will give immediate biofeedback. It will identify whether the issue you are experiencing is physical, chemical, mental and emotional, neurological, environmental.

Drugs, basically stimulate or sedate a targeted area. This may be fine in some cases, yet when that condition is overstressed, stimulating and overstressed area of the body, means energy used to support other areas of the body is sucked away to help to stimulate the area the drug is supposed to fix.

So if the body is already compromised of energy, where is the extra energy going to come from to support the rest of the body, neurologically. The body is already leaking energy, this is why there is a problem in the first place. Kinesiology can quickly identify the energy leaking from the body and go about restoring the energy imbalance much like in acupuncture.

When a drug is used to sedate an area, that indicates there is over energy in one place. A bit like a stream or creek being blocked off by debris. This means anything below that is not receiving its fair share of water, (in this case) energy. Using the kinesiology model, energy is quickly restored and the body's own healing mechanism quickly kicks in.

Any one of, or the whole five categories will be involved.
The physical category may involve releasing blocked a energy in the muscles using hypertonic muscle release. Hypertonic muscles indicate low energy in the muscles.

The chemical category may indicate a hormonal imbalance, blood imbalance, nutritional deficiency, allergies and so on. Chemical pollution will cause many problems including food intolerances, allergies and lung problems.

Emotional/mental may indicate some traumatic experience that happened in the past. Some bad experiences for example that has been buried in the subconscious for many years and has come to the surface. This happens a lot. This is what keeps the psychologists and psychiatrists busy and can take them many years to unravel.

Using The Kinesiology Model For Energy Transformation

Using the kinesiology model, one can backtrack quickly to the time and age when the experience occurred, identified the blocked energy pathways, restore the energies back to homoeostasis (balance) and you get on with your life, enjoying life as you should.

Neurological imbalance is when the brain cannot get a clear pathway to transmit it signals through the various neural-reflexes to the central nervous system and other neural systems. This is the most important aspect to address as it is the Master system, and when it is compromised all other systems are compromised.

Even how you were delivered at the time of birth can have a lifetime effect on you and your body, for example forceps delivery often leaves an imprint causing dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and so on.
I could go on forever writing about the experiences of birth and its effect on the growing child, how it stresses out the puberty experience and later on in life how it stresses out relationships, a most important area.

Environmental: this covers all areas while living in the world. Your experiences growing up in your home environment, your experiences relating to your school environment. Your experiences to your teenage environment and peer pressure. As you may be aware many teenagers these days suffer depression and it need not be so.

All categories that have been mentioned so far when out of balance can contribute towards acquiring depression. By addressing these areas and experiences in your life, depression can be eliminated. Also within your environment there is much pollution both chemical and electronic.

All consultations that happen here last at least an hour as I am not just working with your body/mind, I am working with your life, your whole life to this present time.

The power of kinesiology changes lives for the better

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