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Concussion And Head Injury


There is much talk and discussion about concussion recently and in particular concussion in sports. High profile sports personalities have made headlines having to end their sporting careers due to the lingering effects of concussion.

There are three questions that should be asked by anyone who has experienced any form of concussion from mild to severe.


How Do You Test For A Head Injury?


How Do You Correct A Head Injury?


How Do You Know It Has Been Fixed?


Neural Organization Protocols can answer all three questions and have been doing so for the past thirty years. This concussion protocol will assist all team members regardless of the National Sport you associate with especially if a head injury has occurred.

Major Baseball League, National Basketball Association, National Football League, Rugby League, National Hockey League, Auto racing, American Football, Boxing, Ice Hockey, Rugby Union, Concussion in AFL. These are some of the associations that are starting to take concussion seriously!!!

This is not including head injury in car accidents bike accidents and fights…