Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome Affects The Immune System

The basis of adrenal fatigue syndrome is Neurological however the immune system has three phases. One is the food digestive phase, Two, the repair and regrowth and the reproduction phase. Three the adrenal phase. All three have to be in sync. There are neuro reflexes located on parts of your body that require resetting in a very specific order. When that is done for your immune system it becomes alive again. However there are seven basic neuro reflexes on your head that require a reset first. This is to get the bio computer to integrate between the two hemispheres of the brain and get it functioning better. This stimulates the Limbic Brain that drives the process of the limbic system. In turn a cascading affect starts to happen allowing this part of your neurology to direct more of the chi energy to where it is needed. Up to this point your body is leaking energy in the form of stress and adrenal overload. FREE TIPS for Adrenal Fatigue


adrenal fatigue syndrome backpainWith most adrenal fatigue syndrome suffers there will be some back ache. This will range from mild to severe. Between the spinal vertebra nerve roots extend and spread to the various organs of digestion and other internal body functions.

When the Limbic System is out of balance there are Spinal fixations found at the transitional vertebra of 7C/1D, 12D/1L, 5L/1S and 1C/Occiput. These spinal involvements are known as the limbic fixations. Many years ago older Chiropractic practices took care of the whole body function including visceral organs, glandular endocrine system and immune system problems.

The Limbic immune system a combination of Systems
immune systemThe Limbic immune system is really a combination of Systems, which includes the immune response, where the body can very specifically recognize all of its own tissues and their various functions. If functioning properly it will attack and remove only organisms or materials which are not part of the family of cells making up the body as a whole.

The immune system is also involved in the continuous process of monitoring the various substances taken into the body. That is foods, water and air, which contain a multitude of foreign substances introduced to the body. These substances need to be neutralized if harmful and detoxified. They are either excreted or processed in various ways to be accepted by the body. Also the necessary substances can be used as raw materials for the production of energy and to supply various building blocks for the maintenance of the life processes.


The Limbic Immune System is also involved in the self-healing functions of repair, growth and reproduction of new cells. It is to maintain, protect and replenish the body itself. It is also involved in the controlled growth of new tissues as we grow. It replaces worn out and damaged tissues or cells, and to maintain a homeostasis in the internal environment in relation to the constant changes in its external environment.

This system, as with every other normally functioning system in the body, is under complete control of an intact and organized central nervous system. Sometimes something goes wrong with these systems harmonious and integrated function be it chemical, emotional or mental. The nervous system with the specific immune system neuro reflexes should be investigated as the first cause of adrenal fatigue problems.


Adrenal overloadThe third part of the immune system including the adrenal system, the lymphatic drainage system and the thyroid pituitary system is involved when there is adrenal insufficiency syndrome. If you have tight or sore arches of the feet in combination with tight calf muscles this is a sure sign of adrenal fatigue syndrome. This is where the adrenals get toned down. Because of tight muscles especially in the toes, feet and legs there are constant neurological messages to the brain to keep the adrenal mechanism switched on. This needs to be toned down to a normalizing function. This resets the whole process of normalizing this aspect of the endocrine system. There is another two systems that require addressing before the whole neurology comes back into homeostasis and your body and nervous system regains its vital life force. Up until now there has only been energy leakage.

Almost all believe that this survival system can somehow only be treated or influenced by forces outside the body. These outside forces may include various drug types, vitamins, minerals and other nutrient substances or a combination of the above.

The body is so designed that every malfunction of the ‘bodies neuro reflexes’ has a surface access in one way or another so that can be touched and treated in some way and ultimately made right if necessary.


Every system must work in harmony within the body with every other system. Each system and function in the body, works in a specific computer like program. When these programs get disorganised, due to stress overload and irritation that is either physical, chemical, emotional or mental, they can be re-organised through the body’s own neurological reflex monitoring mechanisms.

Every internal system program has a specific neurological language. This can be accessed by specific therapy localisation methods. These methods are through a specific muscle failure or a specific neuro reflex or a Meridian energy point. Because the body does work in a computer like fashion each treatment program is directed at one of these bodies programs and must be specifically therapy localised to open the neurological circuit. This gives the body specific knowledge in a prioritized order with instructions as to what you are doing to it and why you are doing it.


limbic systemThe Neural Organization Therapy protocols resets the neuro reflexes that caused adrenal fatigue syndrome which is a dis-organized nervous system in the first place. The fight/flight reflexes also associated with the adrenal reflex mechinism and the five senses of sound touch sight taste smell gets to be over stimulated with stress reaction. When there have been a significent stressful event or a build up of multiple stressors over many years, your stress bucket is full to over flowing so to speak. The Immune System neuro reflexes are in overload and shut down. This is why some people can take all the right supplimentation and good nutrition and still get little to no improvement. Neural Organization procotols identifies these stress out neuro reflexes with in the autonomic nervous system and has a special way to re-activate them and re-test them for stability. The immune system re-estabishes itself very quickly for it now has it electricial circuits back in operation. It is the electricial energy in the body that passes impulse messages from the brain to the various neurological systems that keeps you energized , functioning and healthy. You need to be aware of your various energy circuits and how to recharge them. Not everyone can find a N.O.T. practitioner so you sometimes have to take charge of your own affairs and there are other ways you can learn how to re-energize your nervous system and start getting your body and mind back to how you want it.



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