About Us

Patrick has been a Professional Kinesiologist since 1990.

Patrick was first introduced to the 'art' of Kinesiology in 1985 by his friend and teacher trainer Trevor Savage ND Australia.

Patrick’s other major influential person in his profession was Dr. Carl Ferreri DC from Brooklyn New York, the developer and trainer of N.O.T.

Patrick has travelled overseas and practised kinesiology in Malaysia and India. Patrick is from Australia.

The spiritual aspect of His Kinesiology style has unfolded over the past 16 years in the search for deeper meaning and understanding.

The development of the “Five Pranas and Point of Power” Workshops has come out of many years’ research. Another entirely new program, the “Five Pranas Energising the Nervous System” is to be launched in the very near future as a DIY stress release program.

Patrick works with the nervous system and the bodies’ innate intelligence in a particular way, using the specialised program known as N.O.T. Neural Organization Therapy. As a kinesiologist I work with the nervous system in an entirely different way to a neurologist. The neurologist may use drugs or suggest an operation or particular exercises to get their results.

On the other hand the kinesiologist creates energy shifts and works the meridian system, Neuro-lymphatic reflex system on the body and Neuro-vascular reflex system on the head in a particular way plus the co-operation of the clients own bodies innate intelligence to achieve lasting results, empowering body, mind and person.

How it began: Neural Organisation Therapy (N.O.T)
Neural Organisation Theory, like so many other fields within the paradigm of natural and medical science arose out of questions that remain unanswered. As such, researchers and practitioners, alike, sought to find a means to answer these questions and to alleviate the conditions of those who were left on the periphery where conventional thinking would not venture.

The Beginning
Dr. Carl Ferreri D.C. early in 1979 from his practice in Brooklyn, New York noted with great importance what he called the “survival systems” of the body. Simply, these systems’ basic function is to ensure one’s survival by allowing the body to respond to certain stimuli in a particular manner, that is, to feed and sustain, protect (fight/flight), repair and/or to create new life. In recognising this Dr. Ferreri probed further, where he was discovered that there is actually an order and priority sequence governing the way these systems work, which was much like a computer programme. It was ascertained that the body’s multitudes of function were a part of a greater design, each function “programmed” to deal with certain eventualities. Thus, everything had a specific purpose; however, while some systems were innate or built-in like those for survival, others were learnt and pieced together as we forged through our lives and the need for them arose. Nonetheless, those that are learnt are not wholly independent of those that were already pre-existing but instead, become extensions of those that are considered to be “primary systems”. Delving even further, Dr. Ferreri recognised that each programme within each system contained specific neurological priority systems within. These neurological systems are the “blueprints” of our nervous system and gives great insight into the way in which it functions.

This discovery was a milestone in the world of natural/medical science and would forever change the way in which practitioners dealt with patients in their care. This is so as instead of treating the symptoms of an illness, medical practitioners would be able to deal with the causes of many dysfunctions and conditions that had previously proven to be difficult to treat. These include conditions such as Menstrual Disorders/Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, High Blood Pressure, Scoliosis, Dyslexia, Immune Disorders, T.M.J pain and T.M.J Disorder/Whiplash, Head or Brain Injury, Immune System Diseases and Allergies.

Neural Organisation Theory
Out of Dr. Ferreri’s discovery emerged the practice of Neural Organisation Therapy, a specialized field of Applied Kinesiology. Neural Organisation Therapy also referred to as N.O.T is aptly named as Neural speaks to nerves, organisation is self-explanatory (ordering or sequencing) and technique is the way in which something is done. Thus Neural Organisation Technique is a method of organising the nervous system and the body it controls.

The rationale is that neural organisation has endowed humans with the ability to function in hostile situations and by doing so, the ability to survive. These abilities are exhibited outwardly through our stride or ‘gait’ which encompasses the way in which we walk and run. It can also be observed in our sense of sense of balance and posture, sense of direction, hand and eye coordination among others.

Additionally, this application can be used to look at the way in which the brain works in a new light. It was found that there were very subtle and synchronous respiratory motions of the bones in the skull which directly impacts the organised neurological function of the brain and the pumping of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid. Circulation and drainage within the brain in the confines of the skull is also the responsibility of these mechanisms as well. The technique also takes into account the many reflex (automatic) neurological functions as well, some which aims to centre the pelvis to the head and gravity, while others seek to right the head to gravity, the pelvis and the environment to maintain the health of the spine.

So how do you fix a problem that you do not know exist?! Well when such an event occurs N.O.T is able to identify and fix the issue, right away. This can be done as the cause can be pin-pointed through the nerve and muscles which are involved plus the neuro reflexes involved that holds the head on the shoulders. These muscles and nerves form part of a larger system known as the reactive muscle system which affects the stability of the hips and pelvis. When this stability is disrupted then you will be inflicted with lower back pains and other problems.

N.O.T for Cranial or Head Injuries
Believe it or not cranial or head injuries are one of the most underdiagnosed medical conditions, anywhere in the world. The fact is when one thinks of a head or cranial injury, an association is made with a trauma which can be outwardly seen. This, however, is not the case as a head or cranial injury can go undetected, when it is not outwardly seen. In fact, you may have been hit in the head or suffered a whiplash from being in an accident or falling. The obvious cuts and bruises would have been attended to and subsequently healed but the injury to your head was not. This can result in the displaying of a number of chronic health, emotional or structural problems, which you are now experiencing but would not be attributed to the incident which had occurred possible many years past where you suffered injury to your head or cranium, as you have forgotten about it. The problem here is that the nervous system has not forgotten about it as the injury was not addressed!