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4 Overlaying Hands Caring ResultsKinesiology is a tool that will give immediate biofeedback. It will identify or confirm for you whether the issue you are experiencing is physical, chemical, mental, emotional, neurological or environmental. Your issues could be all of the above and you are experiencing what is known as ‘21st Century Syndrome’ and your energy levels are depleting.

When you been everywhere to all the conventional places for medical help and haven't received the results you have required, it's time to turn your attention towards kinesiology.

Long Term Body Pain Low Body Energy

Are you in long term body pain and your body energy is low and it’s a struggle to get through the day. Your productivity level drops and you feel like you are wading through mud uphill because of the persistent body pain or injury you are experiencing. Are you walking around rubbing your neck or back or holding your groin due to pain or having a pounding headache?

Did you know that you could easily overcome that body pain and suffering, recovering your body energy and vitality and you feel more productive and energetic simple using Kinesiology?

So when your body is already compromised of energy, where is the extra energy going to come from to support the rest of the body, neurologically and energetically. The body is already leaking energy this is why there is a problem in the first place. Kinesiology can quickly identify the body energy leaking from the body and go about restoring the energy imbalance. Your muscles, organs, nervous system and meridians will benefit greatly by correcting the associated neuro reflexes located on the surface of the head, neck and body.

Using the kinesiology model, body energy flow is quickly restored and the body’s own healing mechanism quickly activates.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a modality that works directly with the nervous system and the body’s innate intelligence. With Kinesiology, ‘muscle response testing’ is used to identify whether the brain has a clear pathway of neuro signals to the body part or function. Whenever there is stress, illness, body pain or degeneration in the body this is an indication of a deficiency in neuro-signals flowing through the nervous system to the specific areas.

Specialized Kinesiology and Neural Organization Therapy (N.O.T.) is used to reset the neuro-reflexes, located on various parts of the body and head. The cause (and therefore the pain) is due to poor body energy flow for neuro- reflex signalling through the nervous system and this is eliminated. This type of correction to the nervous system is profound and it quickly re-establishes its proper neurological function.

Any one of, or the whole five categories will be involved.

For Patients With Low Body Energy Flow

The physical category may involve releasing blocked energy in the muscles due to injury and body pain. A technique, hypertonic muscle release can be performed to restore proper energy balance and meridian flow to the injured area. Hypertonic muscles indicate low energy in the muscles.

Chemical Sensitivity And You

The chemical category may indicate a hormonal imbalance, blood imbalance, allergies, food intolerance and so on.

Can Emotional Mental Issue Indicate Trauma

The emotional/mental category may indicate some traumatic experience that happened in the past. Some traumatic experience for example has been buried in the subconscious for many years and has finally come to the surface. This happens a lot. This is what keeps the psychologists and psychiatrists busy and can take many years to unravel and be very costly.

Using the kinesiology modality, one can backtrack quickly to the time and age when an experience occurred, identified the blocked energy pathways, and restore the energies back to homoeostasis (balance) and get you on with your life, enjoying life as you should.

How to stimulate neural reflexes and help preserve homeostasis

Neurological imbalance is when the brain cannot get a clear pathway to transmit it signals through the various neural-reflexes to the central nervous system and other neural systems. This is the most important aspect to address as it is the Master system, and when it is compromised all other systems are compromised.

Even how you were delivered at the time of birth can have a lifetime effect on you, your body and well-being, for example forceps delivery often leaves an imprint causing dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and so on.

One could go on forever writing about the experiences of birth trauma and its effect on the growing child, how it stresses out the puberty experience and later on in life how relationship stresses can be triggered by old forgotten memories, a most important area.

Living In An Emotionally Toxic Environment

Environmental: this covers all areas while living in the world. Your experiences growing up in your home environment and your experiences relating to your school environment shape you to where you are at today. Your experiences relating to your teenage environment and peer pressure as well as bodily changes within may result in some form of internal scaring. As you may be aware many teenagers these days suffer depression and it need not be so.

All the categories that have been mentioned so far, when out of balance energetically can contribute towards acquiring depression and many unwanted traits. By addressing these areas and experiences in your life using the ‘Power of Kinesiology’, depression and unwanted traits can be eliminated. Also within your environment there is much pollution both chemical and electronic.

The chemical pollution will cause many problems including intolerances, allergies and lung problems.

All consultations that happen here at the clinic last at least an hour as I am not just working with your body and mind; I am working with your life, your whole life to this present time.

The power of kinesiology changes lives for the better.

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